Can you put a mini fridge on a carpet?

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As trivial as it may seem, there are some things that generally aren’t a good idea. One of those things is putting your mini fridge on a carpet.

Normally, you wouldn’t put your fridge on a carpet unless you’re out of space or if you don’t have a kitchen, as most kitchen floor materials will be made of tiles.

But with mini fridges, you may have no room to put them on a tiled surface and you may decide to place them in your living room – on a carpet. You should never, ever place your mini fridge on a carpet. 

Well, it messes with the compressor of the fridge. Also, the condenser of the fridge probably won’t work properly. These problems are made more obvious in an old freezer, but they will most probably occur in yours as well with due time.

So what if you have no choice?

We have put this guide together on how to safely put your mini fridge on your carpet – read on for the answers!

Installing a mini fridge on a carpet

The first thing that you must do if your fridge is not on a solid, tiled/laminated surface is to get something to place beneath it. 

If you truly have no other choice, you may put a piece of cardboard under the fridge, however this is only a temporary fix. The cardboard will become quite worn and perhaps even soggy if your fridge is a bit old and leaks. So do keep that in mind.

I’d say 24 hours is the maximum that you can go with a cardboard base for your fridge.

Now, have you placed a sheet of cardboard under your fridge? All good? Well, now it’s time to find a more long-term solution to this problem.

What you should avoid

Before we start, I’m assuming that you’re not doing anything else to damage the fridge even more. Some ways that you can drastically reduce your fridge’s life span is to :

  • Place it in direct sunlight
  • Place it in extreme hot/cold weather
  • Store it sideways

Make sure that you’re not doing these things already. If you are, make sure to fix it by moving it out of the sunlight, turning the heater/AC on, and pulling the fridge upwards.

Mini fridge on a carpet
A mini fridge on a carpet, not such a great idea

Option 1: Plastic Sheets and Boards

The best thing that you can do if you have a fridge on a carpet is to get hold of a roll of plastic material, such as heavy-duty vinyl or a plastic board. 
Ideally, the plastic board should be shaped like a tray with high sides (think : a coffee tray) so that any water leaking from the fridge doesn’t leak outwards.

Option 2: Rug or mat 

A secondary option that you can try if you don’t have a plastic sheet/board at home is to use a rug or a mat under the fridge. Not only will this add a splash of color to your living room, but it will also even out the area under the fridge and allow it to open and close properly.

The one downside of using a rug or a mat under your fridge is that when water drips down into a fiber-based mat, mold may start forming. To prevent this, I’d recommend checking under there at least once every month or so. Otherwise, you’ll be good to go. 


Other things to keep in mind

  • Every four months, defrost and clean your fridge to ensure optimal performance and make sure that your fridge leaks as little as possible.
  • Run your hand all around the fridge to feel air escapes, which indicate possible leaks.
  • Make sure you’re taking care of the coils inside the fridge – if the coils are on the bottom of the fridge, it might cause a fire!

To conclude

I hope you found this article helpful, and that you found a solution for your fridge. All in all, it’s quite hard to generalize. Like people, fridges are different and finicky. 

If the above advice doesn’t help you, I’d recommend checking some other articles on our site or consulting a technician as a last resort. If your fridge is old, you could just shop for a new one.

Note that there’s one Reddit thread dedicated to this problem, and most of them did not find problems with putting their fridge on a carpet. (see the thread here) That doesn’t mean you’ll be as lucky, so it’s best to take precautionary measures anyways.

Happy fridge maintenance!
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